Montessori Lower Elementary Cultural Research Forms

Within Montessori Lower Elementary, a primary focus is for students to develop research skills, utilizing a variety of resources.  Many classrooms utilize “Research forms,” to record their findings.  While journals could be used, the “Research forms,” serve as guides to help the child know what types of information they can gather on any given topic.  Ana was fortunate enough to be exposed to these types of forms at the Montessori school she previously attended.

I’ve spent a great deal of time searching for a resources that look similar to what I can only guess the cultural research forms might look like over at Montessori Made Manageable. I’ve seen a few, in the completed work binders my daughter brought home from the Montessori school she previously attended.  The price point for their offerings is just simply beyond our budget, at over $300 per grouping.  While the site references being a fit for homeschools, their pricing is not homeschool budget friendly, IMHO.  I have emailed them several times as well asking if they have any packages available for homeschool families and they have not responded (I have purchased other materials from them, so as a previous customer, I am disappointed that they haven’t taken the time to respond;()

I have made a few of these “Research forms,” on my own, but as with all things, it is a time consuming task and doesn’t seem like the best use of my time on most days.

A few weeks ago, I hit the jack pot.  Although not marketed as “Montessori Materials,” Westvon Publishing offers an incredible resource at an incredible value in their Unit Study Starters .pdf’s.

There are 39 different “Research,” forms which perfectly fit the need for our Montessori classroom.  These types of forms are an integral tool within the Montessori Lower Elementary scope of work.  And they fill an important need in our homeschool.

As you can see from photo on this post (property of Westvon), the forms not only include guiding questions, but also a place to draw pictures, graphs or charts–as appropriate–on each of the research forms.

And the price point at a current offering of $4.00 for the downloadable version was well within my budget.  Purchasing these was definitely money well spent!

Thank you, Westvon–or more specifically, our neighbors in Ohio, Sherri, Jessy and Maggie!

Lest I forget to mention that Sherri, Jessy & Maggie–the purveyors of Westvon–are a homeschool family.  I absolutely LOVE to purchase materials from other homeschool families.

If you give them a try, let me know what you think.  And if you know of other similar resources, please let me know!