Montessori Work Give-away Featuring Vincent van Gogh

This is a picture of the give-away on the Little Acorn's Blog--and there is our Home State of Indiana!--Enter before November 20th!

Karen from Little Acorns blog is holding a give-away for a Montessori inspired work using the weather & Vincent van Gogh as a Meteorologist!  I’m excited about this give-away and have already started thinking about the extensions I could make for my Lower Elementary Montessori children, across the classroom.  As with all thing Montessori, there is some overlap in my functional areas and you could use these extensions in any area you see fit.

1.  Geography

What is Vince Van Gogh’s native country and what are the weather patterns found there.  Compare and contrast the weather pattens in Van Gogh’s native country to those local to where you live or another location on the globe.

From which biome does Vincent hail?  What is the weather like in the type of biome in which Vincent was born?

2. Astronomy

Make your own constellations out of the stars in Starry Night.  Give the constellation proper Graeco-Roman name.

3.  Physical Science

Develop a study on global weather patterns with Vincent the Meteorlogist leading the way.

Landscape at Auvers in the Rain — Van Gogh the Meterologist explains the Water Cycle.  Why does it rain?

4.  Creative Writing

Using the Poetry resources already on our shelves, choose a format for a poem and write a poem about the weather in White House at Night.

5.  Botany

What type of weather conditions are favorable for growing wheat and in what biomes can it be grown?  Look at Van Gogh’s work, Wheat Field with Cypresses, for inspiration.

Because of weather patterns, what time of year can you plant Irisis at different places in the United States? When can you divide them?

Two Peasant Women Digging in Field with Snow–What could these peasants digging for in the snow?

6.  Art History

Where was Van Gogh when he painted the works, The Red Vineyard and The Olive Trees.  What type of weather and climate is required to grow grapes & olives?

“Weather,” we win or not, we’ll be featuring Van Gogh on our Art Shelves for December!  I’ll continue to work on my extensions and post the actual work on scribd with a link here on our blog as they become available in the coming weeks!

But be sure to enter Karen’s contest for a chance to win her creation!


  1. Karen says:

    Hi Mo,

    Thank you so much for posting this! Your lovely comments and amazing ideas are wonderful, and are now giving me so many more ideas! Isn’t it great how teachers can work together? : )
    Oh, and if you need another extension project, I have one more downloadable van Gogh file on my blog. It’s van Gogh’s bedroom without the furniture, and a paper with the little furniture pieces (to cut out, so the children can arrange them in the room.) Here’s the link to that:

    Thanks again, and I hope you have a lovely weekend!


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