Montessori Elementary Leaf Study

Found this document on Scribd tonight. Very thorough study of Leaves for the Montessori Elementary classroom. Covers leaf shape, leaf margin and leaf venation and includes wall chart & booklets. Make two copies of the booklets and you can use one copy for three-part cards.

Thank you to Kelli Dantin for this work!



  1. Leptir says:

    Great work! Thanks for sharing Kelli’s Scribd document 🙂

  2. basma says:


  3. Kelli says:

    Wow! I wasn’t sure if anyone would even find my work. I think education is the most important thing we can do for our kids and the future. I made this for my kids, but wanted to share it with other home-schooling parents because we all know supplies do not come cheap. I am glad you are enjoying my work and hope that your kids enjoy this as much as mine have!

    • MontessoriMo says:

      Thank you for finding us, finding you! We just pulled your work out again recently and are using it this summer with a free botany scavenger hunt we found on Ellen McHenry’s Basement workshop. I made two sets of your work, laminated it and bound the control on a book ring. It is stored in our backpacks with Ellen’s scavenger hunt sheet that I also laminated for durability (we plan to use a sharpie marker on the scavenger hunt–we often hike in the rain as sunny days find us at the pool). I can’t wait to take our first hike with your work as a resource for our botany scavenger hunt. Thanks again, Kelli!

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