Mineral Research with a Visiting Friend

We were fortunate enough to have a friend who attends a local Montessori school full-time visit our classroom on a day she had off school a few weeks ago.  Bear chose to share our Mineral Research work with her.

I created a new Rockhound Mineral Research “findings,” form for the two of them to use together.

In honor of being the featured site for the Homeschool Bloggers Haven Yahoo group, I’ve posted the form here.  I hope it is helpful to you!

Homeschooling Tools, Tricks & Fun

In terms of cosmic learning and self-lead education, Maria Montessori is a huge inspiration in our homeschool.  But we also take many cues from other methodologies as they tie into “following the child.”

We hope to share our experiences with the many resources we test-drive in our home.

I don’t need to teach anything to children: it is they who, placed in a favorable environment, teach me. –Maria Montessori